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Home Reno Delta

Home Reno Delta

New Vision Projects values our clients and Delta neighbors. New Vision is the number one remodeling contractor in Delta, but we're not the only option. When you need home reno in Delta, you will have a long list of local and national reno contractors to choose from. Surely, just like New Vision Projects, they will all try to convince you they are your best choice. How do you separate the good contractors from the bad contractors? Going a step further, how do you separate the good contractors from the GREAT contractors? We will consider this briefly.

Do a Background Check

A comprehensive background check is an excellent way to quickly get a sense if a contractor is who they have represented themselves to be. The Better Business Bureau is a reputed source of information, but you won't find most contractors on the Better Business Bearau. An often more accurate gauge of a contractor's dependability is the World Wide Web. If you don't find any reviews online for a contractor, take it as a good sign. Satisfied customers rarely take the time to leave a positive review for a service provider. However, unhappy customers will almost never not leave a scathing review if they feel they have been wronged.

Check References

We recommend asking for a contractor's references. If a contractor is apprehensive about giving you references, take it as a sign to that you should steer clear of their services. Check about four references. You can check two from the recent past and two from a couple of years ago. This will give you a good overall sense of the consistency and quality of work the contractor does.

Make Sure the Contractor is Insured

New Vision Projects is fully licensed and insured for your protection. Any contractor you consider hiring must be the same! The last thing you want is for a worker to get injured on the job at your house, especially if they don't have liability insurance. You could be the one who is liable.

Compare Quotes

Submit plans to several reno contractors and subcontractors to quote the project. When you receive the quotes back from the contractors, you'll be able to do some comparing. Look, in particular, at how detailed the quotes are. The quotes that are more detailed are probably going to be more thought out and more accurate than a quote that came in with a top-level price and a date when it'll be complete. Stay away from these kinds of contractors.

As a matter of fact, also stay away from any type of contractor allowance in the contract. These are often the nails in the coffin of a homeowner's renovation project. If you have a contractor allowance for flooring, lighting, etc., more than likely, you're going to discover your budget is not enough money to even buy the cheapest of building material grade products.

Honesty and Integrity

Because we know how much you hate surprise fees (as we all do!), New Vision Projects provides comprehensive quoting up front. This means that you don't have to worry about additional charges later. For home reno in Delta, if honesty and integrity matter to you, consider choosing New Vision Projects.

Home Reno Delta

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